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The project, baptized with the name “Abilè”, arises from the need to create a warm and comfortable reception structure for adults with disabilities, which would unify the two previous existing housing communities in the Municipality of Schio (VI).

The building consists of two sleeping areas, each of which can accommodate up to 10 guests, and a common living area where the main activities take place.

Why make the wooden structure?

For Abilè X-LAM panels have been used, due to the beneficial qualities naturally brought by the wood and by virtue of the speed of execution of the entire intervention.

In addition to the external walls, even the internal partitions, have been realized with a load-bearing solid wood panel, an optimal choice both for a better sound insulation and for a function of stiffening the entire structure.

The cover, which is characterized by its particular “gull-wing” shape, allows as much natural light as possible to filter through the rooms below, thus making the stay a pleasant experience.

The entire structure, together with a suitably designed and dimensioned thermo-hydraulic system, received positive approval from the operators; the building and every single element, were designed with a view to a future extension in the cant.

PLACE: Schio

MQ WOODEN HOUSING HOUSE: 1200 square meters

REALIZATION TIMES: 10 months (including foundations)