evolution of living

Decimo Primo does not only give life to your dreams but celebrates and innovates the architecture of tomorrow.

Thanks to collaborations with internationally renowned professionals, we are committed to achieving new goals to always offer cutting-edge solutions.



“SommA” by Arch. Fernando Mosca, is an architectural solution for those looking for a home that adapts to their needs, modular and design, where life becomes an experience in terms of well-being, protection and intimacy.
SommA wants to create emotions through the lines, through spaces that are well suited to the lifestyle of every day.

Wooden Spaces Evolution

Wooden Spaces Evolution is born from the desire to move man towards a new concept of wooden architecture, a reality where the noble and natural characteristics of the material itself are enhanced, the sense of protection and intimacy that is generated through direct contact with the nature.
Where life becomes a 360 ° experience in terms of well-being and quality of living.