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Our Planet First we build in full respect of nature

We make the wooden house you’ve always dreamed of!

We have been operating in the green building sector for over 15 years and, thanks to the consolidated experience of our team in the field of timber construction, we take care of the work in all its phases to achieve excellence.



For the correct execution of the work, we offer the best suppliers in the bio-building sector, ensuring you certified and high quality materials.


Every single element of the wooden structure will be designed, to be viewed and confirmed by the customer, in order to produce the final cutting file



Disegneremo un’abitazione solida e sicura, che risponda perfettamente al vostro gusto ed alle vostre necessità

How many times have we said “See you at home”?

Home is that safe place, where to get rid of formalisms, uncomfortable clothes and feel good. In front of a burning fire. On the sofa with some TV series flowing.

In front of ravioli prepared with love. The house contains warm memories and generates new ones, day after day.

Home is family. It’s Christmas and Easter.

It’s your world, your way of feeling and seeing things. It’s intimacy and protection. Heat and rest. Comfort and well-being.

Choose to design your future using natural, environmentally sustainable materials, making use of the most innovative technologies without renouncing to design, following a very precise style, yours is your right!

The flexibility of wood makes it possible to create personalized, bright, comfortable and safe spaces.

The air you breathe will be healthy and the temperature always in line with the needs of the body, precisely because even wood, like us, is a living material.

What happens then outside the walls of the house is another story …

Welcome to Decimo Primo!

We work to make your dreams come true!

We are close to our customers at every stage of the project: from consultancy on the budget to architectural and structural design, from the choice of materials to the installation of X-LAM or CLT panels rather than the final finishes. We build buildings, both public and private, renovations and expansions using the most innovative and sustainable solutions. We aim to establish a relationship of mutual trust and transparency with our customers, treating each individual process with passion and daily dedication, in order to best meet the different needs of those who choose us. Aware that the construction of a house represents the realization of a dream, we want to place ourselves alongside our customers to translate all their wishes into reality.

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Why is wood the solution of the future? We answer your questions!

Do wooden houses burn easily?

It is a widespread belief that wooden houses built with a panel system do not comply with the stringent fire regulations, however it is an intrinsic characteristic of laminated wood that it burns more slowly than does the iron of reinforced concrete. Normally a wooden building resists fire for a period longer than 60 minutes (REI 60, REI 90), not allowing it to propagate in adjacent rooms.


Are the walls not attacked by insects?

No. Laminated wood, used for this type of construction, is a structural material produced by bonding dried wooden boards, already classified for structural use.


But is it true that wooden houses are cold in winter and hot in summer?

The insulation of wooden buildings is made with rock wool, a very high performance natural material, allowing such a thermal displacement that the house is pleasantly livable both in summer and winter.


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