About us

Decimo Primo Srl is a marriage of technicality, awareness and creativity.

We have been operating in the green building sector for over 15 years and, thanks to the consolidated experience of our team in the field of wood construction, we take care of the work in all its phases to achieve excellence.

We are close to our customers at every stage of the project: from consultancy on the budget to architectural and structural design, from the choice of materials to the installation of X-LAM or CLT panels rather than the final finishes.

We build buildings, both public and private, renovations and expansions using the most innovative and sustainable solutions.

We aim to establish a relationship of mutual trust and transparency with our customers, treating each individual process with passion and daily dedication, in order to best meet the different needs of those who choose us.

Aware that the construction of a house represents the realization of a dream, we want to place ourselves alongside our customers to translate all their wishes into reality.

Us, Today ..

We are a group of professionals, each expert in different areas of expertise.

What unites us is the desire for the success of every realization: we use only certified, innovative and quality materials and we believe in transparency in company-customer communication.

We are born technicians and communicate accordingly. We are practical and scrupulous. We like to pay attention to the details that, once the work is completed, make the difference.

Our stronghold? Wood, we are in love with it and we strongly believe in its innumerable potential.


For over a decade we have operated with unchanged passion in the field of green building.

We design and build wooden buildings, private homes, condominiums, expansions and renovations, favoring the X-LAM panel construction type, a material better known as CLT (Cross Laminated Timber).

Before saying “It can’t be done” let us examine which other ways can be taken to be able to say “It can be done!”. We like to go beyond the limits. We like to listen, to reflect together to find the best solution, the most congenial to achieve what was not possible.

We are constantly looking for professionals with whom to establish continuous collaboration relationships.

We want to trust those we are dealing with, collaborators and customers, so we will always talk to you with great sincerity and transparency.

We believe in service to the customer, for this reason, we put ourselves at your disposal for any advice and free estimates.

Our commitment

Decimo Primo 4 School

From the awareness that educating children to build conscientiously and meticulously is important, Decimo Primo 4 School is born. This project aims to guide and spread the culture of healthy and sustainable living in higher and professional institutions, to demonstrate to the children the benefits and the charm of green building homes.

Our commitment

Our planet first

Our wood comes from forests where the cultivation and regrowth of trees are controlled in order to increase more and more the forest heritage;

The use of wood allows a concrete reduction in the emission of CO2 which otherwise, with the production of concrete, would be released into the atmosphere;

The use of natural materials such as wood allows for their possible re-use through recycling;

The maximum insulation allows the minimum waste of energy thus avoiding pollution.

say about us

“My wife and I have realized our dream of a custom home”

A. De Franceschi


“Professionalism, seriousness and honesty!”

R. Cadamuro


“Costs and timing as per estimate. Professional and serious people, recommended with full marks !!”

F. Ulliana