residential complex milan

With its 4 towers of 9 floors (for a height of 28mt) and the 4 connecting slats, it is the largest residential project in Europe (dated 2012) that uses a system of load-bearing wooden structures.

The complex consists of 124 rooms in energy class A of different sizes, there are also a series of rooms intended for collective services, recreational and cultural spaces for activities dedicated to young people.

Made using exclusively X-LAM panels (also known as CLT), the entire complex has the following numbers:

2200 X-LAM panels of different thicknesses and sizes, for a total of 5600 mc of wood;
650,000 screws of different thicknesses and lengths (from 200mm to 550mm);
136 megatrailers for the transport of timber directly from Austria.
The realization of this ambitious intervention in social housing represents a significant and positive case history, where the collaboration of a team of attentive, scrupulous and close-knit professionals, combined with the support of prepared and punctual suppliers, has materialized a project, the result of studies by ‘Arch. Rossi Prodi of Florence, in record time. A goal and a satisfaction for a new way of making sustainable architecture: “Cenni di Cambiamento” is today a residential complex subject to studies and research, a must for all professions in the sector.

 MQ WOOD: 34,000 square meters of X-lam panels

MATERIAL: 700,000 screws and connectors
SPECIFICATIONS: 300 tons of metallic carpentry distributed on four nine-story towers connected by four two-storey battens
TIMES CONSTRUCTION: 7 months for the assembly of wooden structures.
14 months, work completed
PLACE: Milan