private residence treviso

Surrounded by vineyards, in the picturesque area at the foot of the Montello, this house was built in full compliance with the constraints imposed by the Superintendency of Venice, aesthetically presenting itself as the ancient villas of the past.

The external and internal load-bearing walls were made with X-LAM panels with a thickness of 10 cm, while the floor with X-LAM panels with thicknesses of 20 and 23 cm.

The roof, in lamellar beams, has an insulating rock wool package with a thickness of 20 cm.

In order to increase the mass and obtain greater thermal insulation, we added an additional 5 cm in solid wood.

The circle is completed by a functional natural ventilation system and an excellent thermal insulation system for the perimeter and roof walls which, combined with a carefully designed thermo-hydraulic system, make this building autonomous and avant-garde.

PLACE: Nervesa della Battaglia

MQ WOODEN STRUCTURES: 340 square meters

CONSTRUCTION TIMES: 1 year (including underground)